There lived a girl who lived on a farm in East Tennessee. She enjoyed reading and was often know to get lost in a book, watching movies, and spending time with family. She was only 13 when she started a blog. She did not know what was going to happen with the blog but she hoped it would somehow impact people. I would love to tell you the whole story from beginning to end but her story is not yet finished. It is actually just the beginning……


I’m Colleen I hope you enjoyed the short story. Would you like to know a little more about the girl in the story? Well I might be able to help you with that! Here are some things that you might want to know about me.

My Family

I don’t think I can tell you everything about me without telling you some thing about my family. So here are a couple of facts about us a a family.

I have two sisters Georgia(11) and Caroline(8) and one brother Samuel(1). My two sisters and I were adopted in 2013. And after much prayer and four years without him we got our baby baby brother Samuel in 2017.We normally have around 30 goats give or take at any point during the year. My parents own Free Reign Farm a goat milk soap company.We’ve raised chickens, geese, turkeys, sheep, pigs and rabbits, having all of these animals makes for a very busy farm which will always come with some very interesting stories. Hence this blog…


What are some of my favorite things to do?

  • Scrapbooking – sooo maybe I need a little practice?!?
  • watching movies- My favorites are Sound of Music and Pride and Prejudice
  • Singing and listening to music
  • gardening
  • cleaning
  • photography – I think my favorite things to take pictures of are mountains we have plenty of those in East Tennessee!
  • cooking – check out my Recipe page!

What are my favorite foods (just for fun:)

  • Cheesecake!!! Definitely number one. Any kind of cheesecake raspberry,lemon,chocolate-chip,blueberry……
  • Mexican food!
  • chicken pot pie

What are some of my dislikes (we all have them!)

  • Math
  • Crowded grocery stores
  • Listening to Baby shark over and over and over and over…..
  • Adds that won’t go away!!

And some random facts 🙂

  • My favorite color is mint green or baby blue.
  • I love jersey cows!
  • I love piano music
  • I tend to run into poles! (a story for another time……)(why?!?!)
  • I love Beagles!!!!!!!


I hope you enjoy reading about all of my crazy adventures! Feel free to ask any questions whether about the blog, me, my family, or anything that comes to mind! Until we meet again go pet a baby goat!!



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  1. Hey Colleen, you have such a beautiful blog! I love your way of sharing things through a story like perspective, and how open you are about sharing your adventures! Keep up the good work, but don’t forget to have fun <3 Lucy

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