Beautiful Day on the Farm

Beautiful Day on the Farm

The sun is shining in east Tennessee, Finally! After it being in the 20s and cloudy, its going to be 51 degrees and sunny today, yay! Doing farm chores in the freezing is always fun, but I think we will be able to manage in the sunshine:)

The day has just began and its going to be a beautiful day!

8:00 am- Woke up (just a little late) everyone starts their daily routine which starts with the bathroom. (With four girls and one bathroom this can be a long process:) My daily chores are outside. We only have one adult goat and two babies at the house right know so it does not take long to give the babies their bottles and throw hay to the big goat. Elvin the youngest of the baby goats is actually staying in our bedroom because he is only 3 days old.

You might be wondering if we name all the goats, yes we name all the ones we know we are going to keep.We normally don’t name the boys because we only keep maybe one a year. We only bottle feed the ones that the mothers don’t like to feed. We normally only have a couple of those a year.

Elvin sleeping in warm towels.

Elvin was a little special because we had to save his life. His mother did not feed him and he was really weak when we went to check on the goats we found him and we rushed him to our house. We had to feed him honey to try and get his blood sugar up and we used a hair dryer to get his body temperature up. After we got him to where he was responsive we gave him some warm milk. We then but some towels in the dryer and wrapped him in the warm towels until he could get himself out of the towels.You might wonder why in the picture he looks like he has no ears that is because he is a Lamancha. That kind of goat has very short if no ears.

9:00 am- Eat breakfast, Work on this blog,Get ready to go to the soap shop and start on our school. While our parents work on filling orders and running the front.We normally get done with our school around 12:00-2:00 depending on if we have quizzes or tests that day and how early we start.Today it will probably be the latter because it is already 10:00:) I will close now and write again probably at 2:00pm. Until then,have a great day!

3:10 pm- Done with school.Yes! Today was a pretty easy day. Just the  normal subjects English,Science, History, Math, and Bible. My Favorite subject is History. Right now in History I am working on major events during the Progressive Era (1900-1916). Earthquake in San Francisco, First men to reach the North Pole, Sinking of the Titanic, Philosophies that would eventually erode the Christian heritage of America, such as Modernism, Evolution, Marxist-socialism, Progressive education, and Modern psychology. I can’t wait till I start learning about the Roaring Twenties and World War 1.

After we (my sisters and I) got our school done we went outside I mean who wouldn’t want to go outside when it is so sunny and warm? The good thing is that the soap shop is right in front of the Tweetsie Trail.Which makes it fun to go and walk the trail after school. We were also running wind sprints with our “Exercise Instructor”.

Well I hope you have a wonderful Monday! Enjoy the sunshine!


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