Goat spotlight (Lucy)

Goat spotlight (Lucy)

Goats can have very different “personalities.” So I thought it would be fun to go through and to a spotlight on some of the goats we have. The one I am going to tell you about today is named Lucy.

This is Lucy!

She and her sister Ethel along with two bucks named Fred and Ricky that have long since gone away (They started jumping fences:)  Were among the first couple animals that made  Our farm a farm. Are you starting to get the name theme for these first couple of goats? We love the show  I Love Lucy and those four names were the names of the main characters.

Here are some of the Facts about Lucy the goat.

Breed: Lucy is an alpine goat. Here are some examples of alpines. They are known for their heavy milking which is what we want for making soap . Alpines tend to be VERY curious and can have ans independent and strong- willed side Lucy would no nothing about that:) The Alpine goats originated in the Europe growing up up on the Alps Mountains, because the Alps slopes are rocky and steep it helped the develop a perfect sense of balance. The perfect sense of balance came in very handy when the first settlers wanted to come to America they just took their goats with them. Even Captain John Smith brought goats to America.

  Age: Lucy is 6 years old. My parents bought her when she was just a baby a bottle fed her.

Babies: Lucy has had  twelve babies in six years which is very good for a goat. She has had four girls and eight boys.

  Dad: Her dad was one of the top alpines in the country. We do not own him. But Lucy is worth it:)

Mom: Her mom is actually unknown.

  Personality: Lucy definitely has a unique personality she can be really sweet one minute then grumpy the next. She likes people but is not to fond of kids shorter than she is and can get kinda annoyed with them it seems, but for the most part she is very nice. I think she knows we spoil her because she was one of the first goats! she likes to be rubbed behind the ears and is a pretty good mother (although she is sometimes known to pawn of her babies on her sister Ethel who feeds every baby that comes her way)


Well I hope you enjoyed reading about Lucy! I look forward to writing again about our next Goat Spotlight! Until then go play with a goat!!





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  1. Awesome,We have goats to we only have 2 females and one male right now though,darla is a mini alphine and delilah is a mini lamacha,Samson(the boy)Is a nigerian dwarf your blog is great!

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