Hay Day!

I can probably guess what comes to your mind when I say Hay Day. Maybe tractors turning the cut grass into hay bales? Or maybe tractors taking hay to the barns?

Well our hay day can probably be considered way easier than what might come to mind or way harder depending on how you look at it. Turning grass into hay is a long process while our hay comes already in the square bales. On the other hand throwing hay bales in the loft is also a very tiring process.

Here is how it went this morning:

Goats are very mischievous and are always looking for ways to get out of the fence!

11:00 am – I am working on my skincare blog when my mom gets a phone call, it is the owner of the land that we lease for the goats. (When she calls it normally means the goats are out:) The hay truck is at the barn so we quickly (as quickly as we can with 7 people in the house) all pile in the van. With everyone in the backseat but baby Samuel saying their seat belts won’t work and saying it is the person sitting next to them that is causing all the problem. Ok so we finally get that all straightened out and are on our way.

11:20 am-It takes about 5 minutes to get to the goat barn when we get there the hay is piled in front of the gate. Wonderful! All the ones in the family that can help (and a couple who just play around) climb over all the hay in order to get in to the goat pasture where the barn is. Next course of action form a assembly line. One person throwing the hay over the gate, the next person throwing it into the loft and finally two people stacking it into piles. All the while the goats are having a blast climbing all over the hay bales and succeeding in tearing a couple of them apart. The baby goats are running around playing goat of the hay bale ( a version of king of the mountain) and in turn spreading the torn apart hay all over the pasture. Finally after 100 hay bales are thrown into the hay loft and stacked we are done! Oh wait there is now torn apart hay bales all over the pasture well I thought we were done. After we picked all of the hay that we could up and put it in the goats hay cages we are finally done. It is now 1:00 and we all pile back in the van hoping that summer will come before we need more hay!




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