Just my thoughts on today

Just my thoughts on today

I did not do very much today just the norm. Fed the baby goats , cleaned out the fridge (always fun) then worked on school. Had a pretty easy school day. For those of you who do not know I am homeschooled. I would not have it any other way I like being homeschooled. It allows for more freedom in your schedule and lets me learn a different variety of subjects.

I made Banana Bread yesterday. It was amazing. Next week I will give you that recipe the “recipe of the week” It  will be published Wednesday February 6. Wow! We are already in February hard to believe the new year is going so fast!

The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday.


My family has never been personally interested in the Super Bowl but, I did do a current events on it once:) Did you know that businesses payed 5 million dollars to put a 30 second commercial on the TV for 2018s super bowl? I thought that was a little crazy! But I guess they thought that enough business would come out of the commercial and it would be worth it.

In the comment section below tell me what your favorite part of the Super bowl is. I know mine would probably be the food:)


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