Mud Boots and Milk Buckets

Mud Boots and Milk Buckets

Hi guys!

So I know I have not been writing about very many “farm girl adventures” but that is going to change!!

The farm is pretty quiet during the winter months with the exception of baby goats being born. But know that spring is coming (hopefully!) the real work on our farm begins!


We have to have goat milk because our family own a business that makes goat milk soap ( If you want to know why we use goat milk for our soap you can go hereWe have approx. 25 goats. We are only milking 10 of them so far but…..We hand milk them. And some of them don’t like to be milked *glares at blessing* (why did we name her that?!?)

Anyway here is how our Saturday went…..

Finished eating breakfast and getting ready.

Mom–Make sure you remember your mud boots and don’t forget the milk buckets!!

Me– Hmmm…that is a good name for a blog post….Oh yeah don’t forget mud boots milk bucket, mud boots milk buckets, mud boots milk buckets……

Saturday was a divide and conquer kind of day….seeing as the only vehicle that can fit all of my family is in the workshop…..

Dad’s group–  Dad, my sister Caroline and my two brothers Tyler and Samuel

Their Job: Restock one of our retail locations with all the products we make(they could not find their mud boots so……

Mom’s group—Mom, me and my sister Georgia

Our Job: Round up all the goats, medicate the ones that need it, trim hooves, and separate the weaned babies into two groups, the ones going home for us to tame (they have been running wild in the pasture with their mothers.) and the ones going to be sold( all the bucks who for obvious reasons we can not keep them all)

And since it is weaning time for the babies that means it is milking time for us. Yay! (I think?)

We also came up with names for all of the girls we are keeping and one boy so here are the names:

  • Chrissie (born near Christmas) (Brown, White, and a little Black.) (sister to Noel)
  • Noel (born near Christmas) (white and orange-ish)
  • Mia (White with orange spots)
  • Dice ( she is white with black spots and one brown spot on her neck)
  • Carbon Cathy (CC for short)- this one might need a little explanation… Her mothers name is Cathy and she looks exactly like her mother therefore she is Carbon Cathy (so maybe we get a little creative!) (black and brown)
  • Lincoln (Spurgeon (credit to my dad!) and Washington was already taken…)(black with one white spot on his face) (the one boy)
  • Helen (for Helen Keller she has one blind eye)( white with black spotting) (Lucy’s great-niece) (very alpine looking)
  • Beauty ( Her mothers name is bell sooo…..)(Looks like Helen)

*I will try to get pictures no promises though!*

Okay you probably want to know why mud boots were so important. Well….This year broke the record for the amount of rain we normally have in our area.The plus? The grass is sooo green and everything is ready for spring. The negative? The ditches that are normally dry this time of year are so full they are going over the roads. The same ditches that the road crew people have already dug out three times! The ground is so saturated that it literally made ponds in any low areas in pastures. Needless to say we had mud EVERYWHERE!! So we needed mud boots……

We also  had to make a trip to the place we were selling the boy baby goats. After that we met at Pizza Inn for lunch(always amazing…Have you ever tried BLT pizza? Seriously amazing!)


Little do you know that under all that healthy lettuce and tomato lies a layer of bacon!! What could be better?

Well after that we went to a nearby antique store looking for furniture that would hold our products for our new retail location. While my parents were searching for shelves, tables ect…I was looking at the books ( very dangerous!) I found one that I wanted to try it is called Miss Douglas of New York it is a biography written based on the letters and diary of Harriet Douglas. I have just gotten into it and there is a lot of Old English in it which makes it interesting….

That is pretty much what we did on Saturday….I won’t make you jealous by telling you that it was 74 degrees (it has been in the 20s and I could not be happier that it is getting warmer!) and we ate popcorn for dinner…..(oops I just told you didn’t I?) Well I hope you enjoyed reading!

Until I see you again go eat some popcorn!!

What crazy names have you come up with for animals? What is you favorite pizza? Have you ever milked a goat? Have you ever read Miss Douglas of New York? Are you obsessed with popcorn?

2 thoughts on “Mud Boots and Milk Buckets

  1. Oh fun! It looks like you have a great time on the farm! Those names are SO cute and creative!! The only pet I’ve ever had is a guinea pig, but I named her Penny because she was copper-colored. I’ve never tried BLT pizza, but now I want to! My favorite pizza is BBQ Chicken! And popcorn is the BEST!! (Don’t worry, I’m guilty of eating it for dinner too! )

    1. Thank you! You definitely need to try BLT pizza its the best!! I have to eat as much popcorn as I can before I get braces sometime in April 😉 That is totally an excuse!!XD My sister LOVES BBQ chicken pizza!

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