New baby goats…

New baby goats…

I seriously CANNOT think of a introduction… onto pictures…

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Original right?!

On The Farm

  • The last doe for the season had her babies so…. I have lots of pictures. πŸ˜›

This is the girl, any name suggestions???

The boy…. we will probably be selling him to someone who want to bottle feed him. (and that’s Lucy in the background.)

The red goat in the background is Tozer and you can see the legs of Spurgean in this picture also. ( XD see our pattern….)

And the mother…. and my finger?



That’s it for today….


13 thoughts on “New baby goats…

  1. OMG GOATSSS THEY ARE SOOO CUTEEE ok I’m so jealous that you get to life with goats!!! As for nake suggestions, maybe old-fashioned, like Heidi (like Lavender said) or Felicia? (idk I like that name) Even Lavender is cute! Something else nature themed, like Hazel or Daisy would be adorable as well!

    1. They are adorable!! I like goats but it caaaan get old HAND milking 10 of them morning and night….

      All of those names are so cute we are going to have to remember those! We ended up choosing Heidi for the girl and Duke for the boy! (I really like Felicia!!)

        1. We have a couple other “baby” goats that aren’t so tiny anymore but they are still adorable…. We named them:
          Carbon Cathy (she looks just like her mother Cathy… CC for short)
          Domino, Mia, Tozer (we have another buck named Spurgean πŸ˜› ), Helen, Beauty, Chrissi and Noel (can you tell when they were born?!?)

          Again with the eternally long comment…..
          *Squeals* *does happy dance* *sisters look at me like I’m crazy*
          #Iamcrazy πŸ˜›

          1. XD I neeeeeed to get pictures!! Noel and Chrissi were born near Christmas time!

    1. Oh, yeah…. I kinda like both “Heidi” and “Firefly”
      Thanks for the suggestion! πŸ˜€

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