Personality Test!

Personality Test!


So today I took the Meyer Brigg personality test and I thought I would share my results with you!

I was “labeled” as a architect INTJ-T  here is what it said about me then below that there is some information about a “architect INTJ-T ”

XD! I am 1% extraverted! That is soooo true! Trust me I don’t talk as much as I write! You should see my letters though! They are like 4 pages long!  😛


This is information on “Architect”  copied from 16personalities you can visit them here

Architects value rationality and effectiveness which, for them, are usually an expression of order. They like to screen things through the dual filters of, “Is there proof?” and then, “Does it work?” Nothing is above scrutiny nor beyond revision.

However, this efficient rationality comes with a price. These personality types aren’t always aware of the feelings and emotional needs of others, and they often don’t know what to do with their own. Whether utilizing strengths or weaknesses, they tend to be independent thinkers who develop unique solutions – often finding they accomplish this best when working on their own.

Their solo approach allows Architect personalities to bypass the expectations of others and create their own interesting and novel ideas.

The strengths Architects can rely on include:

  • Strategic thinkers. Architects typically separate the effective from the ineffective quickly. This allows them to plan effective tactics and strategies. These personalities deeply scrutinize and handily organize a concept’s diverse parts, demonstrating a love for systems and a delight in using them to develop results-oriented approaches. Often, their results are fresh and different ideas.
  • Open-minded. If the perspectives of others obey the laws of logic and rationality, Architects are open to them. Ever curious, they appreciate, and may even be drawn to, new and unfamiliar concepts. They aren’t bound by tradition or conventional wisdom any more than they are by their previous thinking – their Intuition allows them to see things from many perspectives.
  • Determined. People with the Architect personality type hold firmly to the reality that good results are the product of persistence and hard work. They never lose sight of their goal, and this fuels their drive and pushes them to apply great effort to their tasks.
Architects believe that a strong mind is the force behind anything worth achieving.

As with all personality types, Architects face challenges based on their preferred approach to life. These challenges may include:

  • “Paralysis by analysis.” Architects can get lost in a problem that isn’t easily solved. These personalities may question things relentlessly. At some point, progress may take accepting the idea that good enough is good enough, and that they know enough to move forward.
  • Handling others’ structured environments. As well as their cerebral playgrounds, Architects need a little real-life room for them to play. They may reject regulated environments where someone else’s standards are firmly in place. Unfortunately, the freedom to act as they see fit is not a luxury enjoyed in most jobs – or relationships.
  • Lacking emotional fluency. Architect personalities are as likely as anyone to feel deeply. However, attending to and expressing their emotions can be difficult for them. They may also experience discomfort when others express theirs. This can affect every aspect of their lives if they miss cues or react in insensitive or judgmental ways.

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

George Bernard Shaw

Architects build complex theoretical structures from which to hang their lives. Their ideas can change as they get new information and form new insights, but not without a great deal of evidence to support fresh concepts. There can be some stubbornness in their set style of thinking. Nonetheless, this type is also likely to be valued any place where ideas and follow-through are needed. Interesting perspectives and clear plans are likely to spring forth from this calculating personality type.


I thought is was fun and cool to see what “type” I was. If you want to take the test you can go here!

My sister ended up being a “entertainer” I could not believe how precise they were in describing her!! If you want to learn more about a “entertainer” you can go here


Auf Wiedersehen! (That means goodbye in German! I don't know?!? :P )

Did you take the test? What “type” were you? Are you a “architect”? Did you know that Auf Wiedersehen means goodbye in German? Tell me anything!!!!

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