The New Year (try to forget it is February)

The New Year (try to forget it is February)

Okay you can laugh, I know it is the end of February and I am just starting to write about the New Year. Any way this is a interview with me asking the questions and me answering the questions.( It sounds crazy but lets just roll with it;)But feel free to answer the questions in the comment section.I love getting to here from you!

Anyway lets go!

What are you looking forward to in the New Year?

I am looking forward to getting braces (check back in about 6 months every one says I will change my mind.) Well the reason I am looking forward to getting braces is because you get to pick the colors of the bands. Call me crazy but its the truth!! Of course I am also excited about my teeth getting straight and all that but anyway…..

I am also very excited about expanding this blog and hopefully getting better at writing!



What are your goals for the year?

  • Learn Spanish (For real this time. We will see how that goes;)
  • Read my Bible more.
  • Save my money (any one no how hard this is!)
  • Write a blog post at least every other day.
  • Get more creative.
  • Learn something new (i.e. calligraphy, photoshoping (not sure if that is a word!), or photography.

What do you want to happen with this blog in the coming year?

  •  I would LOVE to see this blog grow and somehow impact people (for the good!).
  • I would like to have 100 followers at the end of this year.
  • I want to improve my website theme.
  • I want to get improve my writing. (and spelling!!)

Well I think that is all for now. If I think of anything else I will write about it. As always go have a wonderful day!!

Yours Truly,





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