Today’s Adventure?

Today’s Adventure?

So you probably clicked on this blog because you were thinking “What on earth is that green stuff in the tins!” Am I right? Well the answer to that question is that is Fix It Herbal Salve . Know the question is what is Fix It? Fix It is really just precisely what  the name states we use it to “fix” all of our cuts, scrapes, bee stings, and every other calamity that comes with living on a farm. It is made with a mixture of herbs and oils that are full of amazing remedies and most of them grow in your own back yard! You can learn more about it here


So That is what the adventure was for today we were making Fix It today so here is the process


  • First course of action is to mix all the herbs and oils together and let it steep.
  • The next part is our job (all the kids) we have to take out all the little tins out of these “convenient” little bags
  • Take the lids of and put them on the tray.
  • The next “job” is my moms. She has to individually pour the herb and oil mixture into the little tins. And remember you want to get more in the little tins then on the tray:) Looks easy right?!? I am sure after you have done over 4,000 of them it gets easier!
  • All we have to do now is to wipe them down, put the lids on, and label them. This batch made 768 Fix Its so labeling them will be a long process!
  • That is the last step of making our fix it and here is the final product:So that is actually a 2-3 day process and several step process but it is definitely worth it we can not live with out this in every diaper bag, purse, bathroom, and car!


**Please note: This page is for educational purposes only. Healing and medical claims not supported by the FDA. These products not tested by the FDA and are not designed to treat, cure, or diagnose any illness or ailment. Refer all medical concerns to a medical professional. This product is produced under cosmetic license and should be used for cosmetic purposes only.

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